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A Taste for Treason

A Taste for TreasonA story of consummate betrayal, but also of selfless duty, born of years of struggle and injustice inflicted on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

An Israeli mole, code-named Gershom, has been passing as a Palestinian freedom fighter for 20 years and has penetrated the highest Palestinian councils. When Gershom is threatened with exposure, the legendary spymaster, Dan Shemtov, devises a risky operation to protect his most valuable agent.

Another agent is used as a pawn He is sent to the U.S, with information designed both to protect Gershom and to destroy an authentic Palestinian leader. Thus begins a terrifying net of betrayal.

As Publishers Weekly wrote, Ora Mendels "slowly peels away the veneer of an ideal Israeli society to reveal an intertwined, almost incestuous circle of power. Corruption, disillusionment, betrayal and revenge are deftly handled themes. A profoundly moving conclusion gives this novel particular emotional clout."

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Mandela's Children

Mandela's Children"The slate is clean." Those are the words Ruth and Bernard used to signal a reconciliation during the years they loved each other and fought apartheid in the South Africa of the ‘60's. But twenty years later the slate is anything but clean for Ruth, now a professor in the U.S., who is haunted by Bernard's life imprisonment for treason and by what she believes was her role in his arrest. When a plea for help gives Ruth a chance to try to make amends, she returns to her homeland with fear and only a little hope.

From the quiet sanctuary of the all-white suburbs of Johannesburg to the grim poverty and violence of Soweto, Mandela's Children reveals the faces of modern South Africa. Ruth painfully relives her past and becomes swept up in the revolutionary events. This first novel deftly examines the human cost of apartheid to black and white alike, as well as the ties of love, guilt and loyalty that bind us to one another.

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This suspenseful story reveals the fractured society in Israel itself as the struggle between religious and nationalist fanatics and mainstream citizens deepens. The idealism of the founders is eroded by the younger generation's rejection of the constantly expanding settlements on Palestinian land. Young Ben Kagan becomes a pawn in a savage blackmail plot against the government. A national and family crisis reveals deeply buried secrets.

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